Thursday, 21 February 2013

Space and ..spacetime, the same thing?

"General relativity generalises special relativity and Newton's law of universal gravitation, providing a unified description of gravity as a geometric property of space and time, or spacetime."

it is not ................the curving of space .. but their combination ..

spacetime out of ..the ..evolution of space through time .. that excludes ..bizarre ..results .. that space itself is curved .. it is not the same ..saying .. space ..and spacetime .. and wrong as well .. to regard ..spacetime space ..

then .. how can this be ..understood .. space it is combined with time .. the actual ..displacement the time goes by .. is compacted .. that is spacetime such .. spacetime proper ..

and out of spacetime ..the ingredient that is amenable to crushing .. squeezed time .. is that so? .. time dilates  ..but as well .. length contracts .. length as being an ingredient of space .. puts into mind .. ideas of space itself .. can be squeezed .. but is it the same by refering to length if it is equivalent .. we refer to space well ..

or is it that length derives its origin from time .. and it is not the same .. by saying ..length and space ..

as .. any ..object as the time passes .. change position .. move along .. or ..better .. as for any object as the time passes .. change position .. takes a journey .. that change in location is .. is ..spacetime .. and it is what is convoluted .. displaced .. displacement .. that makes it obvious it was hard to stomach the assumption .. counter-intuitive .. that the dimensions of space are crushed .. squashed .. space..simply .. area in which events take place .. space approaches to be an ..abstract ..entity .. it has no substance to be crushed .. is that so? .. is it ..all our minds .. it is not real .. as real is defined ..something that we could even ..touch .. how ..can we talk of crushing something .. that can not even touched .. so elusive .. that can not point a ..finger .. reality's ..finger ..upon .. 

that sense of reality ..develops .. it is acquired .. reality ..defies its own definition ..

is there a ..loop .. out of a process that creates .. a world such .. and de-creates .. and all that we call real .. resides within that loop .. which loop by entering its completion .. extinguishes .. what was ..residing within that loop .. vanishes .. reality ..bootstrapped .. sustained ..on tethers ..bootstrapped .. into thin air .. nothing .. void .. non-existence .. virtual existence ..

and though these are baffling conceptualisations .. but be put aside ..

how would then be understood .. what was claimed as .. spacetime compacted around earth ..a massive body .. therefore when an object nears it .. enters into its gravitational field .. takes less and less time to traverse the ..compacted space(time) therefore it appears as it accelerates ..

..and assuming that compaction afforded via the time attribute of spacetime .. lays the foundations of understanding why acceleration is affected in such manner .. however 

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