Friday, 5 April 2013

proto-chaos ..and that primordial chaos is still around and consciousnesses continually collapse to further render the cosmos into what is going to be

proto-chaos .. quantum superpositions.. it fits with the ancient Greek belief about chaos .. lack of form that an observer ..a consciousness collapsed into the cosmos  ... and that primordial chaos is still around and consciousnesses  continually collapse to further render the cosmos into what is going to be
we are the descendants of gods ..gods ourselves the bicameral consciousness the voices in the head  fallen lost it
quantum superposition collapse what is right behind  gods awesome powers
religion as it is practiced slavery utter and complete, distance humans from their roots renders them stupid, trivialize their existence
time and space
time and space advanced and retarded waves in Feynman's thoughts of dealing with the collapse of superpositions shaped the cosmos acquiring the form it has now via the collapses effected by the consciousnesses in the future the waves traveling backwards to the beginnings to render the cosmos to suit their existence .. to be favourable for their existence

the notion of bootstrapped in mind .. future events bootstrapped to past .. past bootstrapped to future .. coincide
what can one say about the ideas we come up with is not but .. dictated by the future ..past bootstrapped to future .. how the collapse is effected.. what we envisage ourselves about our future is but the future states transmitted by advanced or retarded waves to the past
quantum mechanical interpretation of fate and destiny

that might explain what thought itself is ..quantum mechanical way process-wise .. advanced and retarded waves handshake

conditions abrupt termination  of handshake apathy resignation

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