Friday, 5 April 2013


"The term 'structure' may be defined as a pattern,.. "

.. why may be? What 'may be' denotes, what brings to mind, by saying 'may be', is that the distinction between 'might' and 'might not', is not as yet resolved. Confuses the mind, undermines the downright assertion required, to build further on solid foundations instead of a shaky foundation, ready to tumble down if the 'might not' element gains priority. The whole 'structure' collapses, leaving the individual in disarray.

Beyond the point at bay that 'structure' is a symbol, to be used at will to suit the mind in its attempt to organise its world and not the other way around, where the mind is required hopelessly and helplessly to fit itself under an umbrella that its self created, in the first place. Pre-eminence on the symbols used, and not on the symbol-creators.

Structure is a pattern. The pattern, the category into which 'structure' belongs to, therefore structure is a pattern.

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