Wednesday, 10 April 2013

System agents retain their stability throughout all the interactions pertained in a system

Understanding money from the viewpoint of systems. Based on the grounds of how systems are organised determining the flow which energy and momentum within the system represents carried by the relevant agents of the system.

Agents in a system are propelled within the system boundaries by a specific amount of momentum drawn out of the energy they possess. The higher the energy they possess the higher their momentum, the lower the energy the lower the momentum. The length of the path traversed depend on the amount of energy they have at their disposal and it is depleted in the course of their run.

Draw energy when energy levels are depleted? Could the agents be drained of their energy? Has the adiabatic principle anything to do with it? Prevents the total energy drainage of the agents in a system? Only controlled amounts of energy are lost by an agent, as the agent needs to retain its stability.

The embedded systems in an individual. The individual as a macroscopic system, the embedding system. One of the embedded systems in the macroscopic system individual is defined by its biological nature. Biological systems are nourished by food. Food represent the energy reservoir and define momentum. Momentum is expressed by mobility. The human individual a mobile entity.

Food which is required by the macroscopic system of the individual; .......

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