Friday, 5 April 2013

..sub-processes within sub-processes..

Chaotic logic p.29

"His idea is that lower levels of the hierarchy correspond to older, evolutionarily prior forms of perception and control."

.. so apt .. lower levels .. correspond to older evolutionary forms .. living fossils ..idea .. how ..perception and control .. started out .. and evolved .. and what it evolved out .. is still preserved .. though the word ..'preserved' doesn't do it credit .. as it is upon it .. the rest of the construction .is based upon .. is founded .. upon .. the attractors .. which present a solid base .. on top of which .. the rest of the construction .. erects upon ..

"Let us sum up. The multilevel control methodology, in itself, has nothing to do with patterns. It is a very simple and general way of structuring perception and action: subprocesses within subprocesses within subprocesses, each subprocess giving orders to and receiving feedback from its subsidiaries. In this general sense, the idea that the mind contains a multilevel control hierarchy is extremely non-controversial."

..subprocesses within subprocesses ..

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