Friday, 5 April 2013

in the beginning there are ..processes

"His team modelled a minimal black hole, defined only by having an inside and an outside, using quantum theory. To their surprise, they found that this object reproduces a lot of the features of real black holes that are thought to rely on gravity, including Hawking radiation, which could occur via a process called quantum tunnelling."

To their surprise,.. something ..unexpected they stumbled upon .. just by chance .. Thomas Kuhn mind ..

the black hole model .. simulated upon the processes of quantum mechanics .. the processes ..fundamental .. quantum processes .. 'anneal' in any 'field' .. for the lack of a more elaborate concept in my mind .. in this case enable the creation of black holes in physical space and virtual space ..alike

processes ..and process space .. in the beginning there are ..processes ..and as the processes undergo ..create ..the space where they develop .. be that space ..physical space ..or any other 'space' that allows the processes to undergo ..

.. it reveals its very nature ..give us a glimpse of the fundamental .. in any way this is perceived

.. virtual .. what effectively is the space where their black hole model ..materialises .. produces I gather .. the image on a computer screen ..

.. but what is significant are the algorithms fed into the machine that represent the processes .. the quantum processes .. the ..maths .. that generate the model black hole .. that in itself behaves as the real one ..

.. reproduces a lot of the features of real black holes .. and as the techniques .. and the algorithms are perfected the black hole models will rival the real black holes..

to study at leisure ..without the danger to be sucked into its vortex and vanish .. self and co-workers the earth itself ..

"This chimes with suggestions that gravity is not a fundamental component of the universe but an emergent property of quantum mechanics, just as waves are an emergent property of water molecules."

.. an emergent property .. thinking ..takes strides ahead

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