Sunday, 7 September 2014

Systems are built upon the incompatibility notion. Revisited.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Draft chaos: Past, present and future concurring? Nonlinear time?

"... being incompatible (again), and by being incompatible means that they are not losing their identity or integrity at any time but they continue to interact and by this continual interaction bring about the creation of ..., the world, universe, reality, the physical realm itself."

incompatible .. from the very beginnings .. charge; positive negative .. magnetism; north south polarity .. quantum color-anticolor charge ..

to its furthest extensions .. from the minutiae .. to the really awesome .. systems are built upon the incompatibility notion ..

surpassing .. any realm .. that exists ..existed ..being thought of ..or imagined ..

systems .. not only can afford .. incompatibility .. but depend upon it.. thrive in it ..

incompatible systems .. the entities responsible for .. composite .. complex.. systems themselves .. tuned to its utmost .. for the comprising emergent system's sake ..

the essence of ..dynamic the energy expended
[u1] .. greater .. energy created (?) ..

[u1]energy expended .. being used .. to hold together ..incompatible entities ..  a way to ..reserve .. to store .. to ..imprison .. energy to contain .. energy which in its form destructive .. harness energy .. 

energy need to be contained .. energy ..incompatible with ..form ..structure ..

the very obstacle .. the first case ..needed to be overcome for a ..universe to be created ..incompatibility a legacy ..a legacy program deeply ingrained in the processes that spawn ..universes ..

static .. notions .. only apparent .. to fit .. to the limited scope .. of a furtive lazy glance .. of an observer's eye ..

entities assemble into systems with one thing in mind .. to avail the system founded .. their individual properties vital for the system ..and the subsystems .. it depends upon

time .. space .. incompatible(?) ..

the greater the incompatibility .. the more the stable .. the system is ..

at any time .. that the conditions amenable .. are nulled and void .. a system ceases to be .. (no matter its size, its significance, its fundamental ..nature) ..dissolve into what was made of .. into its components ..the entities is made out of ..

the static attribute .. only apparent .. sudden death of attractors .. ensues ..

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