Tuesday, 30 September 2014

consciousness.. order ..all ..simply ..imaginary ..as they ride ..on ..on other processes waves. External landmark.

The most prominent trait of collective behaviour is the emergence of global order: individuals synchronize their states, giving the stunning impression that the group behaves as one.

PLOS Computational Biology: Collective Behaviour without Collective Order in Wild Swarms of Midges

..impression.. stunning ..even if ..still ..does not make it real ..in the realm of imaginary.. of illusion..

..emergence ..synchronize their states.. but not to one another ..but to ..something ..outside ..of anyone in the group .. of any other unit in the system.. whatever that system is..  the frame of reference ..what it implies.. at bay.. a context.. the frame.. and within that context ..a ..point that ..is used ..for all the ..units to synchronize themselves to.. to align themselves to it.. and only.. doing it.. each one ..on their own accord ..without any consideration needed ..or given..concerned about it  ..for any of the other units in a system ..

A paradigmatic case is that of insect swarms, whose erratic movements seem to suggest that group formation is a mere epiphenomenon of the independent interaction of each individual with an external landmark.

PLOS Computational Biology: Collective Behaviour without Collective Order in Wild Swarms of Midges

..erratic movements ..group formation and the order implied.. termed.. mere epiphenomenon ..suggested as..

..independent interaction of each individual.. each unit of a system.. with an external landmark..

..each system ..driven by its own landmark..

..order ..any kind of order ..epiphenomenon.. epiphenomenal.. rides ..on borrowed waves.. waves that were not ..meant.. for her.. to go that far as to describe ..her ..as an illusion.. 
..and what of it.. that inkling of a thought that ..entered my mind ..consciousness ..herself ..epiphenomenal.. that rides on ..somebody..something .. else's ..waves .. processes.. 

...neurons ..neural cells.. brain.. that goes about its business without any care about ..consciousness and the mind that sustains ..her..

..consciousness ..does not ..having a faithful servant ..rides ..on ..unwilling ..rides.. can be ..thrown of its seat at any time ..discarded as a ..bothersome ..annoying baggage ..at any time ..

..external landmark ..what would be that landmark in human societies.. in search for.. that landmark..

..and that doesn't tell much ..for that precious order ..that ..so many devote their lives into..

..words that ought to be put in context.. in order to extract meaning ..to facilitate.. achieving deeper meanings.. fathoming the concept they are attached to..

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