Wednesday, 15 October 2014

so .. as I read it again ..what comes/came first .. space ..or ..time ..

..or is it that length derives its origin from time .. and it is not the same .. by saying ..length and space ..

so .. as I read it again ..what comes/came first .. space ..or ..time ..

nothing absolute .. all relative .. as the fundamentals .. that and ..time ..are ..each one can easily derive from the other ..

neither ..if they can be referred to as such, namely static .. are static .. either of them ..dynamic .. and what can be more appropriate .. than being ..dynamic .. though’s developing ..evolving ..thinking ..has to take deep down to what ..dynamic ..actually means .. because it .. has to do with ..what reality means .. and illusion .. and ..virtual .. and .. imaginary ..numbers ..

the claim for ..reality .. comes directly from the dynamic nature .. in general well as .. the dynamic nature of the fundamentals of ..nature .. that of and time ..

the space and time fundamentals ..exist in all ..worlds .. real or imaginary .. they all unfold their processes .. within ..well-defined and time .. it is a necessary condition ..

reciprocity .. reciprocal .. space and time .. their relationship .. time dilates ..length and by virtue of length contracts .. as all other spatial dimensions ..presumably should contract .. the specific terminology used .. dilate ..contract .. literally increase/decrease size ..

dimensions .. in their whole gamut .. beyond the ..traditional three dimensions .. should be liable to undergo ..increase/decrease .. 

.. in a direct relationship of the most prominent of them ..namely ..the three dimensions ..length, breadth, height .. but with a diminishing ..effect .. as the ..number of dimensionality increases ..

an absolute ..unchanging parameter .. the speed of light .. as it is assumed .. at least ..or the least our reality ..our universe .. the parameter ..around which .. space and time ..increase, decrease .. dilate, contract ..

is it actually the parameter.. as it is defined .. in chaotic systems .. in chaos .. in the evolution of chaotic systems .. when for a certain range of parametric values .. the system .. the incumbent system is allowed to go as far as the defined and definitive parameter .. allows .. our whole universe .. one chaotic system .. as defined by the speed of light ..

..and as in chaotic systems .. the parameter can be tweaked and .. its range or exact value can be manipulated .. and their space and time fundamentals .. simply following the same rules ..reciprocal rules .. that exist in our universe .. giving rise to other universes ..

universes .. instead of assumed being crammed in a tight space .. imperative to free our notions of space ..detached by our, universe-bound notions .. accepted merely as the result of ..forces applied and exerted by fields ..evolved out of the space..

all ..universes ..exist in ..literally what is ..phase space .. 

the atoms we are made of does not allow us to visit other universes .. 

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