Wednesday, 27 May 2015

mathematics ..complicates ..stuff ..

mathematics ..complicates ..stuff ..

from one point admire a mind that can make sense ..out of an arcane vocabulary ..describing ..  states ..of being ..any states ..

but .. I wonder .. to what use ..

it appears to be ..nevertheless .. a ..complicated way to make sense ..of a lot simpler processes .. it does work no matter .. and it would have been stupid ..not to admit ..but it needs to ..deny their ..acolytes ..of their pedestal ..if they cannot ..finally ..manage to explain ..what they so painstakingly arrived to the simple terms ..that the processes themselves .. adhere to .. anneal to .. in their journey from ..inputs to outcomes ..

all ..shall be ..reduced to plain .. language

language ..evolves .. its evolution ..continuous ..perpetual ..

once ..the goal has arrived .. they should ..vanish ..

as they are ..indirect ..approaches ..

their traces ..are lost in the process

processes .. their traces ..are lost in the process ..of processing ..themselves ..hence the need of mathematics ..
one wonders .. if the ..necessity of mathematics a human condition.. pertaining only to humans .. and ..not .. never..  of nature ..

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