Monday, 7 December 2015 the verge of insanity reigning upon the world ..

miracle .. things that happen ..that are beyond comprehension .. that justifies the meaning of god .. attributed as the power behind them ..that ..propels them .. into existence
the tricky nature of the quantum world upon which the world lived in becomes real ..the fraction of processes that our consciousness ..notices ..
in contrast to the countless processes that lurk underneath the level at which we are equipped notice ..processes that remain ..undetected ..
knowledge ..accumulated ..that is ..replacing .. compensating .. το ελειμμα (the deficit ).. that builds ..intelligence ..
new input: (I have no idea these thoughts presented/present .. themselves to me .. the threads that combine them ..appear ..seemingly out of ..nowhere.. but nevertheless ..are ..stringing ..up ..a ..pattern ..that appears ..plausible .. connecting into a meaningful coherent ..scenario ..theory ..and that can only explain by use of the phenomenon of the ..double-slit experiment .. the pattern that it builds ..step by step.. where every dot ..representing an electron or other quantum entity ..(yes continue.. where is the ..miracle there ..the two slits ..the electron passes through both slits simultaneously ..and evidence of that the dark and white stripes at the screen behind ..the pattern ..instead of a ..stone-pile …if they have traveled through ..just one slit ..and that on the merit ..of observation .. and particularly ..the lack of observation .. how ..Occam’s razor ..can be used to explain this .. where ..observation out of the implication of consciousness ..what does that ..tell .. for ..consciousness.. what is ..its role but to muddle up ..what is going on .. and how .. what is the difference of ..a stone-pile ..and the and white stripes .. consciousness ..favouring ..the stone-pile ..from the and white stripes ..what does that tell ..for the world as such ..and at large ..what is it ..and what it ..isn’t .. consciousness ..deficient .. or ..deficient? .. the world a ..stone-pile ..and the world as a and white stripes .. could dare to place the question ..what is the best for us human individuals? ..between these two worlds? ..our consciousness .. to present to ourselves .. the world the pile of stones ..version ..whereas ..and dare say ..reality is and white stripes .. on the basis .. on the weight ..that the quantum existence ..underlies ..the ..entire world .. and the quantum laws .. the quantum reality .. present themselves as a ..preponderance can only be ..what the ..quantum world ..defines
as this stone-pile version .. is presented to our consciousness .. so it ..exists .. or ..our mind ..thinks is .. customised say .. tailored to what? .. to our needs ..and what are these ..needs ..(it hurts stomach ..these thoughts ..) .. a state of being ..revisited .. many years ago .. a feeling of ..unwellness .. that is sign ..this line of thought ..strikes a chord ..that upsets being .. which I must ..resist ..and go past that .. is ..turning ..upside down world ..our world ..  
miracles ..however that evade our attention ..our consciousness .. as they are ..small intensity .. in size .. but they do perform deeds that benefit the individual ..
coincidence.. between  processes that are far and wide from one another ..goes into the realm of uncertainty..
our mind ..used to observe and record  and assess the events that take place unable to fathom all the processes play ..
new input: combining data ..processes automatic .. Occam’s razor .. what I surmise ..of it works that particular ..moment ..of ..time and space .. the meaning ..I have achieved ..of them .. and fits ..connects ..into something that propels ..something ..else ..into ..existence .. it enables the flow of ideas ..into something new ..
combining data ..processes automatic .. Occam’s razor .. namely ..anchors ..that are required tether upon the thoughts ..unravelling .. for me ..right now .. even with the ..slimiest of their attributes that hold true ..for them .. and anticipating when their full capacity revealed to my mind augment the result of their use new heights ..
I am unable to explain ..fully .. what drove me into using them ..what connections have been achieved ..and how ..there is something in that process .. that contains within ..the miracle ..essence that started this communication begin with ..
that process ..builds ..intelligence .. compensates for the ..vacuum ..that existed before ..the ελειμμα.. the deficit ..

conclusion: the ..pile of stone ..version ..constructs ..our reality .. the so familiar environment .. that we are so-accustomed with .. and ..being the only way ..that quantum reality .. can ever construct something?  .. that is put a fundamental question ..of the state of being all .. as seems ..that the consciousness we possess ..makes it possible .. there is something ..lacking the .. black and white stripes ..version .. that cannot end ..into building ..reality/realities ..

a miracle in display ..fits ..the ..specifications.. set out  ..
small in size ..inconspicuous ..and innocuous ..
 explaining it goes beyond it ..
 the ..history ..
 the wind ..tumbled the first basin days ago ..
 to the far end of the garden ..
and was left there ..
the second basin was used and left outside the night before
only to be found that it tumbled all the way to the same end of the garden ..
over the same path that the first basin did ..follow
and ..found ..each other ..

new input: 
miracles ..galore the everyday life .. in a way that gives ..credence to the saying of ..the universe conspires .. all due to the all abound quantum texture of reality ..

the Delphi oracle approach within the individual to reveal its essence through the muddle of the fuzziness  

 ..the revelations induced ..

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