Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Multinational corporations in 5th gear towards the 'global village'?

Multinational corporations are gearing up the way to a certified 'global village' reality. The world, in all its aspects, does follow up a path towards global integration. It is inevitable as the transactions between individuals or groups of individuals, in disparate locations around the globe, grow exponentially as time goes by. Multinational corporations have the organisation to achieve that.

Lots of thoughts which are needed to be channeled appropriately. Questions in seek for answers.

Their expansion a result of a multitude of all the wrong reasons, paramount being the maximisation of profits, but at the same time, they only possess the know-how and have the necessary organisational structures to bring the world closer together.

Someone can argue that the profits drive tends to leave places in their path bone dry, lunar landscapes. Using up, remorselessly all resources a place can offer. Human and natural resources alike.

But on the other hand they push the world nearer to its attractors. Amidst conflicting forces, they spread the means for development and bring the world communities together.

Whereas I find this necessary, a major concern is the extent of the damage to environment and to human lives. Would they manage to bring the world in an unrepairable state beyond recovery? If they are left on their own they would certainly do.

Their course unstoppable. Supported to the hilt by the multitude of legislation and the more effective underlying web of power in governments and states, what spawned them in the first place. Spring out of their home countries, to spread all over the world. Assisted by the dominant, in most individuals, ego-centred facet of the human persona, to look after dear self blind of others, driving its insatiable hunger for profiting, at all costs.


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