Saturday, 1 March 2008

Futile endeavours?

Gross generalisations, that is what the un-mathematical human mind can do, in view of the sheer complexity of approaching chaos manifestations mathematically. Can these be of any use? Could these assist someone in establishing a framework upon which to base action acts, understanding the workings of mind, nature, life? Is it a matter of proximity? Analysing chaos mathematically, is as if you are close to each individual trajectory, hot in its trail, its minutest detail, the tinier shift away or towards attractors. You are only capable to watch the unraveling from afar. A close scrutiny for the untrained mind is prohibitive. Is that a blessing or a curse?

Could an untrained mind draw useful conclusions? Could any conclusions drawn, in any way affect one's life, in a meaningful fulfilling way? What could drawn conclusions be compared against? Against a state of no conclusions, lack or absence of?

Extracting the general from the specific. Equipped to view the larger picture. Generalisations are easily transferred from system to system. Views are multiplied . Develop a keen eye. Fresh looks of age-old problems, all kinds of problems.

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