Thursday, 20 March 2008

Hints for imperfect minds?

From comment #20 — June 4, 2007 @ 00:05AM — Zedd, in article 'Cold War: Mistaken Conflations and Ambiguous Concepts', written by Graham McKnight and published June 02, 2007

"I personally am not that impressed with human beings and tend to believe that we are fudging it most of the time, hoping that what we endeavor to do actually works. Revisionist history often leaves out the goofs and unintended nature of the results, simply recording the framers or leaders of that time as larger than life, having great foresight and understanding. I tend to not revere the "great" ideologies which we are so attached to. While respecting the evolution of how human beings organize themselves, I believe in a practical solution for every situation. I believe in continuous change to accommodate the changes in societies."

A quote from Zedd, which agrees with the imperfect consciousness approach and that human individuals put too much faith on the rational side of their mind, and further agrees with the Godel's incompleteness theorem.

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