Sunday, 23 March 2008

Perverse legislation and City Councils

There must be a connection between the constrained generating procedures that John Holland professes and the procedures imposed by organisations such as the City Councils when dealing in its affairs, specifically the administration of the Council Tax.

Since I could see these imposed procedures generated under the constrains determined by past practices, the underlying principles should be the same and they would permeate almost any business it is involved in and further than the Council the same procedures should hold for organisations beyond Councils, which operate within the same framework of the British society at large.

An element of all these organisations is their adherence to the past. Their structure and organisation has been inherited from past organisational frameworks where they were prevalent and the whole legislative structure of the past societal models were build around them.

As this form of legislation was build to protect the business of the powerful figures amidst them, their property and well being, and strengthen further their power it was not appropriate to care for the needs of the many. In fact the many were the pawns in this framework and they were forced to abide to the rules no matter whether this meant their practical extinction, physically and figuratively.

This was a perversion of the whole system where masses of people were subjected ruthlessly in an artificial manner to the will of the most powerful figures amidst them. Only by gradually the stranglehold of the laws at certain points in history becoming unbearable to such a point to produce social unrests that the stranglehold loosened that the legislation became more representative of the society members.

But still the remnants of this legacy linger on, and is expressed in the practices of City Councils and Ross and Liddells institutions, using the courts and sheriffs to impose their will. But while in the past a visit or the involvement of sheriffs and of Majesty's courts was dreaded now however they are toothless beasts and with very little power, naturally aging as the years go by.

We should soon witness their extinction throes as they are a scourge to society a reminder of the horrid past as well as of all the legislation that accompany them and with it the outdated practices of Councils and the likes.

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