Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Meaning, what New Scientist magazine offers and is about ..

Meaning, what New Scientist magazine offers and is about

meaning not out of sake of the ignorant masses but for the sake of the individual, the all-surpassing unit that populates earth

(a snippet found in .. out of a burst of chaos in my mind .. a year ago .. unfinished .. but I do not have in front of me what triggered it .. and I do not know how to finish it now .. and I fear I might loose its essence .. my conscious mind interfering .. what I have right now in my mind .. what stopped me in my tracks .. is the connection of meaning .. with nature .. meaning brings us close to nature .. one with nature )

and that meaning the individual achieves goes hand-in-hand with nature. The way nature has developed or develops or will develop, or even ignoring this distinction of time, and just state the way nature develops, in a way that (is reminiscent of) affirms the tenets of Occam's razor.

science popularisers, they are not .. (servants .. servile to a cause .. science to be used and abused .. to serve vile needs .. under the grasp of the lowest instincts .. human individuals possess ..)

(ignorant masses! .. ignorance spread in societies .. perpetrated by the top echelons .. their construction based upon .. the yield of power .. )

but move the individual

not a thankless .. but a fundamental task

in the out of the fields of ignorance into ...

to become closer to nature, to be one with nature

and not for the sake

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