Monday, 25 October 2010

Quantum and chaos.

Quantum and chaos brought together with one another? In what way? I read in John Gribbin's 'Q is for Quantum, Particle Physics from A to Z', page 391, for 'quantum leap'.

"quantum leap
The important feature of a quantum leap is that it is discontinuous transition between quantum states. For example, an electron 'in' one energy level in an atom jumps instantly into another energy level, emitting or absorbing energy as it does so. There is no in-between state, and it does not take any time at all for the leap to occur.

It does not take any time at all, absence of time. Time refuted at a deep fundamental level. Its existence as relative to the frame it is referred to, the simplest states in nature, materialising by the jump of an electron from energy level to energy level.

Jerky moves smoothed out. As the level the observer looks at, at ever decreasing scales as its field of view is continuously zoomed out, to include less and less information, spiky edges in a rough terrain gradually vanish. The details disappear. Zooming in and out, smoothing roughing fields of study, a perspective employed to explain all phenomena undergoing.

Zooming in, rough terrains appear. The information that brings forth allows to distinguish between a process and the outcomes of processes, the solid objects that appear in front of us, regardless size, shape, form dimensions as such, from a chair to earth, to sun stars and galaxies. By zooming in, the observer discriminates the process from its outcome, revealed within the time-frame it takes place, practically its history. Any object reveals itself in chunks of time discontinuously. Chunks of time including within the objects materialised. Atoms at the microscales the processes out of the nuclei-orbiting electrons interacting with nuclei-bound protons and neutrons, themselves out of processes at a deeper level, process histories as such , and by annealing their histories, they take up space (create space?). In a grander scale massive objects but nevertheless, processes themselves, out of combined chunks of time of all constituent comprising entities, the constituent histories and all the space they take up. The world of objects, a puzzle of immense proportions of discontinuous chunks of time. Time scattered, time-chunks, pieces here and there that appear uniform, smooth, continuous by virtue of residing within one of the time-chunks. Their boundaries limiting scope and perspective.

Universe, world, nature, whatever it is called, all that is, virtually discontinuous processes, continuity amenable to the eye of a beholder thanks to the limits imposed by insurmountable boundaries, what the senses have been engineered to, a cage that only imagination can escape.

Imagination and world-the-outcome of processes, at the same footing, quantum and chaos hand-in-hand.

Processes undergoing by what other than chaos, at every level imaginable. The same principle applies for all processes, despite their scale, nature-made and man-made. The discontinuity introduced by virtue of quantum mechanics, completes the picture and along with chaos provides a tool to explain all phenomena. To my mind that could be used to question the outcomes brought forth by Darwinism, the smooth or not so smooth transition of species and the survival of the fittest to discontinuous transition in speciation what goes along with the notion of habitat-bound replacement than survival of the strongest. Discontinuity that does not require class struggles. A virtual leave and let live scenario.

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