Friday, 24 April 2009

.. a ... significance of Lyapunov exponents? ... to absorb chaos?

... to absorb chaos?

.. a ... significance of Lyapunov exponents? In their predictive(?) power to show whether a certain trajectory converges or diverges? Convergence or divergence determining the way that chaos is viewed by individuals? Diverging pathways, or for that matter constantly diverging pathways, result in what as seen as chaos and converging pathways create attractors, which can be seen as order?

... determining a measure of Lyapunov exponents out of the processes involved which will show whether the processes undertaken will bring about order or chaos? In almost everything which evades a thorough analysis by any other prescribed procedures but exhibiting chaotic tendencies?

Rigorous mathematics, scientific proof, all part of cognition which is taking place outside, from where it should be taking place. The human mind. As meaning is derived by mind itself, it can not materialise in spheres other than what the mind provides for. And attempting to frame meaning, with processes that the language provides it is a futile endeavor, because at the end the whole process must be accepted by the mind itself.

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