Sunday, 26 April 2009

The tremendous speeds earth is traveling in space. Is gravity a classical force? Is the search for gravitational waves a futile endeavour?

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"The Sun and its family of planets are orbiting the galaxy at about 135 miles per second."

The solar system moves at 135 miles per second, relativity's essence. Where the hell do we draw the certainty, be so sure, letting ourselves feel peace and tranquility, when we relax bathing in the sunshine lying in oblivion, on a beach lounger. In the knowledge, that at the same time, planet earth along with us, are propelled into the vacuum of space, in shearing shattering speeds. If we subject, the hapless fragile human being, in these tremendous unreal speeds, we will be lucky to find traces of the bones to verify its past existence.

And yet, here we are, alive and well, despite the speed we travel in space, to have the arrogance to enjoy, a peaceful morning. Peaceful. Anything else apart.

Centripetal force, the essence of gravity, what keep us pinned on the ground. That do not let us, being swept away from the face of planet earth, and not only us, but what keeps the dust, the rocks on the face of the moon and all the rest of the planets and other so-called heavenly bodies.

Gravity, that sucks us inwards, towards the centre of planet earth, to spare us the oblivion of our precious being, by the shattering speeds, our very own nurturing earth, is itself subjected to.

Apart from the solar system traveling at 135 miles per second, we have as well that

"The Earth rotates on its axis at about 1,100 miles an hour, a motion that creates day and night."


"The Earth orbits the Sun at about 67,000 miles an hour, a motion that takes one year."


"The Sun circles the Milky Way at a speed of about 486,000 miles per hour."


"And every object in the Universe is moving apart from the other objects as the Universe expands at a constantly accelerating rate."

Devastating forces that would have left nothing standing, long enough, that not only life nurtured, in the warm and welcome abode of planets, but even the existence of these wonderful incubators, if it wasn't for the protection offered by the gravitational forces, that not only effectively counteract against the shearing power of the speeds developed, by heavenly bodies in their endless journey in the vast space but even overcomes it, for us to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Heavenly bodies in their endless journey around the centre of... The centre of .... their very own system or any other system they are part of. Earth orbiting around itself, moon orbiting around itself and moon orbiting around earth, the earth-moon system. Earth orbiting around the sun, the planets orbiting around the sun, the solar system around... Circularity.

Driven by gravity itself and by gravity is counteracted. The shearing speeds that the motion, its very own existence propagates and as it is counteracted by, at the same time. A dependency built-in, in the system, in each system by itself, the speed and the forces developed cannot be greater, than what the heavenly body can withstand. The speed of rotation around itself, as well as around the larger body in the system, would not be allowed to reach levels that would jeopardize its very own integrity. The seemingly hazardous journey, a gentle stroll in comparison.

How can we comprehend the nature of gravity, when we think of its appearance, as it vanishes down to the centre of a heavenly body. Attraction, of every piece of matter upon each other. Additive, as more and more pieces of matter accumulate, the stronger it becomes. Heavenly bodies borne out of dust, stardust as it has been found, accumulating into foci driven by chance (chance?) ... for more and more dust particles to gather up into the heavenly bodies which they become. What they are now. Matter may be pushed into coalescing, ... by the very vacuum surrounding it ... via pressures they are subjected to. Is it just a vacuum pressure effect or an actual attraction of matter objects. The actual rotation of a heavenly body around itself, a vacuum pressure effect. The same would hold valid, regarding the rotation of a heavenly body around its bigger counterpart in the system, rendering the presumed action at a distance character meaningless, what elevates gravity from a purely classical force into a fundamental force. Is the search for the graviton justified, or even the existence of gravitational waves feasible, the search for gravitational waves a futile endeavour.

The whole case, can be thought of in terms of systems. Systems within systems, a guiding principle universal for all systems. Systems that are dynamic ...

Oh, well fractal. Is there anything apparent in the galaxy system that would justify the term fractal? May be not merely in its spatial dimensions, but taking into account its evolution through time too. Energy dissipation. Energy being apparently high, at the very centre of a galaxy, stellar nurseries, black holes. Dissipating to lower and lower energies towards its perimeter. Fractal being characterized by its non-integral nature, non-integral dimensions. Is there any indications of non-integral dimensions in the galaxial system organisation?

What about warped spacetime, wormholes and the like. Does that not point towards a fractal evolution for the galaxy system. Gravity a mere manifestation of energy dissipation governed even by the Feigenbaum series concept.

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