Friday, 24 April 2009

Space, a result of forces? Interaction of forces? It is bound to be.

New thoughts light up, in my mind... Exciting.

Space, a result of forces? Interaction of forces? It is bound to be.

As all these I have been working out, put into these posts .... are getting pieced up together, become coherent.

(Regression). I have to analyse this. The way it happens. What makes a thought developed independently, loose as is, with no ties (obvious?) with any other thoughts (residing in some other realm, context). But out of no-where, without warning, nevertheless click (systems exhibiting chaos' self-similarity?), or hook, or whatever, one with the other. They become connected, tag and drag along the entirety of the concept, notion, thought, idea; the bonus being, all the rest of the properties and attributes, these mental structures, are associated with. A bonus since, as the thinking develops, all these properties and attributes, branching-like extensions on all sides, are engaged in the thinking process. Being tags themselves, either concepts, or notions, or thoughts, or ideas, potentially concise and coherent mental structures, on their own right, they have all what is needed, to form by themselves, novel associations. The word 'concepts', as it comes into mind, with their properties (as they develop), provide the associations, and by virtue of their associations, cohere from ..(humble, incoherent, haphazard) beginnings ... into more inclusive concept circa thoughts.

Space, (as I have surmised in that post) was non-existent before the big bang, or in the manner we experience it right now. (Vast, solid objects within, immense, three dimensional, containing or expressed with or give substance to the word-concepts of macrocosm and microcosms). Space, distance developed fractally the world we live in, the universe, just a thin fractally developed sheet. Space, a reference frame fractally developed, 'sitting' on another deeply fundamental space

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