Monday, 29 August 2011

Meta-knowledge exercising procedures enacted and use profusely.

our thoughts .. personal and collective .. constantly .. in turmoil .. but no matter .. the confidence they aspire .. that overwhelm our beings .. there are still signs .. that betray the origins of thoughts ..

no breadth .. lack of knowledge .. a lack of trust to the human individual .. at least as remnants .. of the state ..out of which we are emerging from .. as individuals ..and as a whole .. both at the same time ..

due to.. of what our minds .. our cognitive apparatuses .. can take in .. our inability to fathom .. to include no more than a couple of levels .. in the hierarchy of structures .. of systems .. of networks we are embedded in ..

cognitive inability to extend beyond a few levels in the system hierarchy

meta-knowledge ..afforded outcome .. meta-knowledge exercising processes .. accumulated .. making us aware of .. the way we arrived .. into the state .. we are in .. the state our thoughts afforded .. towards a global outlook .. out of the states ..other individuals have arrived to .. to as many individuals .. that can be possibly embrace their thoughts .. that one can take in .. states set side-by-side .. and draw out the similarities and differences ..

meta-knowledge exercising procedures .. enacted .. and use profusely .. even if .. they are not agreed upon .. not fully compliant to the thinking mode employed .. an attempt to surpass oneself .. translated into .. a conscious effort ..undertaken ..

even momentarily .. to relinquish the reins .. our own thoughts ..impose upon us .. and meta-knowledge gained .. attained .. empowered .. to enter and .. fully immerse into our thoughts again..

Though logic and reason are necessary, they are not sufficient to requirements, sufficed only by intuition-enabled inspiration.

information the form .. where ideas .. are lurking within ..

information .. and ideas prised out .. ideas in the service ..of monetization .. are ideas ..that are not worth .. the value given ..

ideas that ignore the monetization goal .. are ideas that worth .. give credence to their emergence .. the reason that they emerged for .. not matter the vehicle .. even the lowly 140-character ..

as ideas .. by their nature .. can be carried by even .. 140-character form .. 140-character form .. spreads them wild .. and in a matter of dt time ..

logic and reason .. rationality, science, evidence, logical argument and debate .. though needed .. more amenable vehicles .. conditions to ideas .. are .. intuition .. even hidden amidst ..superstition, faith, opinion and orthodoxy

with logic and reason alone .. you can not arrive .. to new ideas .. the spurts the jumps of thought .. that lead the mind .. open up new domains .. is only possible by .. intuition enabled inspiration ..

their effects are limited .. while employing them .. the mind can achieve a firm hold of its domain .. domain uncovered .. by spontaneous spurts arrived by intuition itself .. but can not fathom beyond the confines of the domain .. opening up new domains .. something that only intuition can afford .. inspiration ..

and widespread involvement .. of as many ..participants as it can ever be .. and the more that participate in the moulding of ideas .. the more the ideas progress .. and are implemented .. take hold .. a firm foot..

an individual never a .. single carriage vehicle of ideas .. is a multi-carrier .. that can hold .. an enormous amount of ideas .. no one is spared .. none is .. surplus to requirements ..

though logic and reason .. are necessary .. they are not sufficient to requirements .. sufficed only .. by inspiration, intuition

though .. logic and reason ..infused individuals are necessary .. they are not sufficient to requirements .. intuition-afforded individuals suffice the requirement .. intuition .. a common feature for all individuals .. only hindered by the predicament current statuses societies impose upon us .. the prevailing conditions among us .. the monetization principles .. apparent and abundant in societies ..

intuition-afforded individuals .. their engagement .. their contribution .. their existence undetermined .. unpredictable .. a premise, no one is spared .. no one surplus to requirements .. and out of that .. to suffice their role in the progress of humanity .. is fulfilled .. only by.. an ever expanding contributory body of people .. to its utmost .. the full complement of humanity

and that premise .. is put to use .. by the ultimate candidate .. the all-embracing communication vehicle .. the internet .. with all its accoutrements .. irrelevant to how these are branded .. good or bad .. agreeable or disagreeable .. Darwin-inspired selective processes .. determine .. comes bit-by-bit by itself .. what would prevail ..

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Unit, the whole out of the parts united and unit become the entity in another whole.

networks .. ubiquitous .. universal .. and pervading nature .. in all its manifestations .. nature .. an all-inclusive realm .. from the physical realm to the realm inhabited by the structures employed by cognition .. concepts, notions, ideas .. to fathom in the intricate networks .. that reflect nature's architectural built by .. cognition .. its cognitive structures .. emulate the structures tries to comprehend .. as it can not be comprehended otherwise ..

networks development .. developing in a time-dependent fashion .. evolution, a time-depended look at their development .. universal .. and out of this universality .. self-similarity borne-out ..

self-similarity .. common features .. basic characteristics .. that provide the foundations upon which .. all nature's networks .. have in common .. share .. as

becomes a tedious task .. uninspiring

extracting the features .. that

from the immediate environment ..of every entity .. that acts as a unit .. unit .. the whole .. out of the parts ..united .. into .. and feedback fashion appropriately .. the unit that is a part of another whole ..

.. a unit out of its parts and a unit as the part of another whole .. feedback ..loop ..

multiplicity .. required .. emergence .. emergent entities .. multiple units ... multiple agents .. entities arrangement .. states .. acquired .. possible .. impossible .. plausible .. implausible .. cognitive faculties .. plausibility attribute cognition enabled ..

units .. entities .. employing processes .. or .. employed by processes .. a loop .. does not matter .. what comes first .. where it is not obvious .. there is not an end or a beginning .. what distinguishes one from another .. a matter of direction .. down-up .. up-down ..

multiple agents .. agents .. units .. involved in .. engaged by .. processes ..

Friday, 19 August 2011

Instead, the state space of the whole is the sum of the state spaces of its parts.

Science News: Lost In The Periphery

the whole as more than the sum of its parts .. theme ..

"These perceptual flaws shouldn’t make anyone feel inadequate. “The fact that we’re failing in these ways may sound horrible, but you have to remember that those failures aren’t affecting your ability to see or survive,” Simoncelli says. “You walk around just fine despite the fact that all this stuff in your periphery is jumbled.

.. have to remember that those failures aren’t affecting your ability to see or survive,” .. the unit .. imperative to survive .. to dominate(?) in its surroundings .. its state space .. no, it is not its state space .. it is the space .. in which its state space .. resides .. its state space part of .. a space where all the parts .. that make up the whole .. which reside in the same space .. a space made out .. of the state spaces .. of all these parts .. put together ..

take .. the parts .. as being .. the subsystems .. and of the whole being the system .. or .. by another defining concept .. as the parts .. being the subnetworks .. and the whole .. being the network .. then the state space for each part (subsystem, subnetwork) that makes the whole (system, network), sums up to the state space of the whole (system, network).

So even though the whole is more than the sum of its parts, the same can not be said for the state spaces, of parts and whole. Instead, the state space of the whole is the sum of the state spaces of its parts.

The state space, is the space that includes all the states, of successive state and process events. Input states modified by process into output states, the total of states, input intermediate and output, comprise the state space of any state and process, and instants along these transitions are recognised as parts. Parts being called entities too.

State and process, define all existence and parts tangible reality resulted out of an arrangement of the parts involved, that the distances between the parts remain fixed for short or extremely long durations.

Tangible reality resulted out of arrangement of the parts involved, where distances between parts remain fixed for relatively short to extremely long, to age of entire universe long durations.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The orders are passed down the hierarchy. The loops that sustain reality have a downward direction. The whole takes precedence over the parts.

"Chaotic logic", Ben Goertzel,Chapter Three, THE STRUCTURE OF THOUGHT, 3.1. THE PERCEPTUAL-MOTOR HIERARCHY, 3.1.1. Perception, p.28.

"That orders are passed down the perceptual hierarchy was one of the biggest insights of the Gestalt psychologists. Their experiments (Kohler, 1975) showed that we look for certain configurations in our visual input. We look for those objects that we expect to see, and we look for those shapes that we are used to seeing. If a level 5 process corresponds to an expected object, then it will tell its children to look for the parts corresponding to that object, and its children will tell their children to look for the complex geometrical forms making up the parts to which they refer, et cetera."

..that orders are passed down the perceptual hierarchy .. unsavoury .. hard to swallow .. but can not escape .. however .. we are talking about loops .. and what we see the direction these loops take .. from top to bottom .. therefore ..passed down ..

.. one can explain that necessity .. as what matters .. is the unit .. the whole .. that has emerged .. that takes priority .. over the parts is made out of ..

.. taken as an example is the survival ..of the human individual .. that matters .. that is what takes precedence before or else .. and its gestalt attribute evolved out of this ..

if it is out-with the parameters .. imposed by .. assigned to .. the parts themselves .. the children .. the subsidiaries ..

a breakdown ..of the unit .. of the whole .. the whole is unsustainable beyond the limits of its parts .. it is the sole and unequivocal master within the realm it resides .. and to that effect its parts should play their role .. to confer the integrity required .. necessary and sufficient .. but not beyond what the parts can afford .. what impacts the parts .. the subsidiaries very own survival ..

computation .. time-dependency .. the shortest time possible .. parts enabled .. the subroutines engaged computation ..

When logic and intuition come together. The subtlest phenomenon of human cognition.

"Chaotic logic", Ben Goertzel, Introduction, p.3.

"In sum, I am well aware that this book will draw criticism for its ambitious choice of topic. I also realize that my approach defies the norms of every academic discipline (sometimes quietly, sometimes ostentatiously). However, I believe that one must follow one's scientific intuition where it leads. All that I ask of you, as a reader, is that you consider the ideas given here based on their own intrinsic merits, rather than how "orthodox" or "unorthodox" they may appear."

criticism .. an attitude out of .. over-arching logic .. its utter reliance upon logic .. generating strict .. rigid .. inescapable norms .. that lead to stagnant, stale static behaviours .. endless loops .. resisting change .. escaping the norms .. the restrictions imposed .. imperative .. lead to vibrant, refreshing dynamic behaviours .. the "orthodox" or "unorthodox" .. determining stance .. what adhering to logic only .. bring forth

scientific intuition .. intuition never changes .. the bed out of which draws its content changes .. the realms opened by the appliance of logic .. of science immense .. unsurpassed .. structured .. rampant imagination .. guided .. imagination by itself fruitless .. unyielding .. unbounded .. low in scope .. science opens up .. realms .. as yet left unexplored .. imagination .. to naive ends .. science continuously opens up new worlds for imagination to diffuse in .. science and imagination .. walk hand-in-hand .. armed with .. what its marriage with logic .. intuition .. built out a bed .. created out of the marriage .. of logic and intuition .. bound imagination .. tethered by .. tamed ..imagination .. unbounded .. without a goal .. state space .. beyond the boundaries .. of possible .. plausible .. unbridled .. soaring into empty space .. goal-less .. to fertile imagination ..

"The symbiosis between logic and intuition is a very tricky thing; perhaps the subtlest phenomenon we humans have ever tried to comprehend. In order to make progress toward an understanding of this strange, fundamental symbiosis, we must summon all our powers of analysis and imagination -- and check our preconceptions at the door."

subtlest phenomenon .. symbiosis .. marriage .. of incompatible attributes .. their mixing precarious .. instantaneous .. in bursts .. logic and intuition humans endowed with .. and with what they try to comprehend the phenomenon with .. logic, its secure hold upon individuals .. the ground upon which individuals trod .. to meet intuition emerging out of the depths of imagination .. emergence .. sudden .. unannounced .. the oncoming impact uplifting .. exhilarating .. to heights .. that logic itself hardly reaches .. but without logic intuition fizzles out .. vanishes .. extinguishes .. leaves .. no trace

.. analysis and imagination .. analysis what it takes from .. logic .. and ..imagination what it takes ..from intuition .. therefore .. chaotic logic .. an .. even .. desperate but not at all hopeless attempt .. to bring together what comes out of imagination .. driven, sort of guided, by intuition .. unravelling its chaotic course .. literally and figuratively .. analysed in structure .. the literal side .. as what exists .. and in form .. the figurative side .. as what is perceived .. into the realm of science

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Phase space a.k.a. the fractal 'bubbles' out of network's froth conceptualised to .. analysis .. form an imaginary mathematical construct

Phase space a.k.a. the fractal 'bubbles' out of network's froth conceptualised to .. analysis .. from an imaginary mathematical construct to network's unleashed activity envisaged ..where all acts .. trajectories

--- separates the boundaries .. the empty space .. the physical impossibility

'Introducing chaos' by Ziauddin Sardar and Iwona Abrams, page 48.

".. suppose instead of fixed object (a building), we had a moving object - say, a pendulum. We can represent the horizontal and vertical motion of the pendulum in a two-dimensional graph."

the horizontal and vertical motion .. tracing its movement .. writing its history .. its horizontal/vertical displacement .. moving object .. hence, dynamic .. recording the object's, under study .. dynamics

the object .. the focus of study .. towards which one's attention is drawn .. whatever structure that is .. abstract or sense-defined .. the horizontal/vertical attributes, arbitrary ..constructed .. mental constructs .. anchors .. out of which .. its displacement from the horizontal/vertical .. is envisaged .. provide discernible information..

"..phase space represents the state of an object in a multi-dimensional plane. The motion of the simple pendulum could be shown on a graph where the x-axis is the angle of displacement from the vertical and the y-axis is the angular velocity."

..a succession of states .. states out of the .. arrangement of the elements, the under study system is comprised of .. elements constantly arranged as 'wholes' .. as 'more than the sum of its parts' wholes .. the presented states .. of an ever-evolving, dynamic object .. its states represented .. constantly morphing as the influence exerted ..out of all its properties ..never cease to be ..

.. angle .. skewed towards .. the system's overriding property(-ies).. system's properties acting as the dimensions of the afore-mentioned system and the moving object .. what is conceptualised out of these properties ..

combine .. combined effect .. object constantly coherent .. as it is presented as a 'whole' .. none other .. to whatever shape .. that 'whole' might be .. no matter how long .. that 'whole' element arrangement .. lasts ..

(formulas constantly present solutions .. no matter how fast the replacement of the factors in a formula .. take place )

.. angular velocity .. the change over time .. out of the conditions prevailing .. determining .. how durable the shape of an object is ..

"On this phase space diagram, the simple pendulum shows as a circle."

.. the clarity afforded ..

"Phase space turns dull statistical data into a telling picture, abstracting all the essential information from the moving parts and providing us with an easy to grasp overview of the system's behaviour over time."

.. dull statistical data .. trivial information .. information that do not lead to system comprehension .. system poorly comprehended .. undermine knowledge .. provide spurious explanations .. objects presented are not understood in their entirety .. objects incoherent .. information dis-information .. mis-information ..

.. abstracting essential information .. information depicting engaged properties .. exerted influence .. 'weighted' .. not only their presence .. but their degree of involvement ..

.. overview of the system's behaviour over time .. the particular sequence of states .. achieved .. a history of successive states .. the succession of states ..

"In phase space, the complete state of knowledge about a dynamical system at a single instant collapses to a point. That point then is the dynamical system at that instant. At the next instant, the system will have changed, and so the point moves."

a network itself .. residing upon networks

Monday, 1 August 2011

network theory .. framework .. the blueprint of reality ..

network theory .. explaining .. it goes beyond ..explaining .. the framework .. upon which .. all systems possible .. existing (past and present worlds) .. or destined to exist (possible and plausible future worlds) .. the origins of all systems .. their evolution ..

a framework .. that acts as a blueprint .. systems' evolving nature .. self-similarity availed .. bestowed upon ..

a powerful tool ..

For all of the initial intuitive appeal network theory ran into two problems. First it was too complex for 1970s computer technology to manage. (Anyone who has tried to construct even a simple neural-net model of a social process has similar complaints about 1990s computer technology).

..the initial intuitive appeal .. being described as such .. of network theory

initial .. to begin with .. at an early stage .. still to be revealed in its ..all-surpassing overwhelming dimensions .. dimensions that .. cover, have the capacity to include ..the reality itself .. all realities the human individual grapples with .. hidden within an immense potential .. near infinite in its boundaries ..

..intuitive .. comes from within .. intrinsic .. inherent .. the source of all spontaneous .. ground-breaking notions, ideas, conceptualisations ..

..appeal .. its attractive power emanating from deep in the very being of the human individual .. expressing fundamental primordial elements .. vibrate .. hit chords that 'dance' to the same tunes .. in ---

.. network theory .. providing the explanations required .. the blueprint nature organised its fabric .. to be used as the tool to discover .. literally un-cover the nature of all things ..

Connectionism arose in the field of computer science as a way of deal with parallel processes. Connectionist systems not only have rich interconnections (as all networks do) but the capacity to carry on more than one operation or set of instructions at a time (ie. in parallel). In connectionist systems the various processes are not only carried out simultaneously but often without reference to one-another. Another feature of connectionist systems is the tendency to regard 'information' not simply as whether a particular bit is on or off, but also as the pattern of network activation. In this second sense information can be understood as the pathway along which a signal flows.

..connectionism .. parallel processes .. abiding to connections .. connectedness .. self-evident in nature .. describing conciousness itself .. nature's ..nature ever-evolving loop .. endless loops that generate connections .. makes nature .. nature exists by virtue of the connections .. nature can never be thought as anything else .. but an immense network of connected elements .. connecting the multitude of parallel processes undergoing in its entirety ..

..parallel processes ..envisaged .. nature networked to its core .. processes ongoing .. never cease to be .. in mind of what is called .. Conway's automaton .. the essence of ..emergence .. out of nature' state space .. in its entirety .. defined .. trodden by any process .. that comes to be .. and out of them .. selected few .. connect to build networks .. to present the information .. network building information .. fractally rendered ..

..connectionist systems .. systems .. what nature consists of .. nature is comprised upon .. the conceptualisation of 'system' itself .. can never be thought as anything else but .. as connectionist system .. any other conceptualisation severely lacking in definition .. ignores vital properties .. conceptualised notion rendered useless .. system thus conceptualised .. a useless tool in probing nature .. 'brings fruits' .. with no-avail ..

.. connectionist systems .. bear .. bring along two important attributes ..

.. the attribute referred in - connectionist systems not only have rich interconnections but the capacity to carry on more than one operation or set of instructions at a time -,

.. reminiscent of ..quantum computation itself .. envisaged and sparked the search towards materialising ..quantum computers such .. the parallel processes .. at its heart .. availed by quantum superposition .. the ultimate expression of the afore-mentioned attribute of connectionist systems .. nature at its very core .. its quantum realm .. abides to that property ..

..and the attribute referred in - connectionist systems regard 'information' not simply as whether a particular bit is on or off, but also as the pattern of network activation,

.. the pattern of network activation .. bits .. what digital computers rely upon .. the pattern of network activation .. a network made out of bits, of positions .. in ..on and off states .. the patterns of .. the on/off states of all the positions/bits .. the elements that make up the network .. regarded as being ..activated .. active .. in action .. not in stasis .. not static ..but dynamic .. the flow .. the sequence of presented states .. by all the bits ..otherwise known as being positions ..otherwise known as being elements .. the elements visited .. once the including network is activated .. and their states (on or off) .. being recorded .. are taken into consideration .. provide the content of the information .. taking part in the flow .. along the sequential series of presented states .. run along .. recording the signal .. the numerous combinations between the included elements .. different flows .. with the potential to give rise to different signals .. but only a few(?) are selected which provide .. sense(?) information .. represent information

according to .. 'a whole that is more than the sum of its parts' principle .. the information .. that suits ..its environment .. suits its neighbouring elements .. the tendency .. towards it .. what drives 'wholeness' .. 'wholeness' achieved ..out of .. 'whole being more than the sum of its parts' .. actions ..

these 'wholeness' .. enabling actions .. overwhelming .. information rendered .. through such manner .. reality building .. continuous reality .. continuity .. measurable .. appearing in the form of ..measurable variables .. determine the conditions .. prevailing .. the use of formulas depicting laws of nature ..

the signal flows .. the signal .. the 'process' materialising .. flowing .. coherent .. information discernible .. compact .. made possible by the architecture of the lattice .. architecture established .. architecture enabling the flux pattern ..

activated .. collectively

A connectionist model allows two kinds of patterns to be studied. The first is the pattern of the signals, communications or other influences which flow through the lattice. This shall be referred to as the flux pattern. The Lorenz Attractor (Figure 4) has, for example, been used symbolically in clinical psychological practices to describe what might be happening in the brain of a person with a bi-polar disorder such as manic-depression. The two attractor foci represent the two mood-poles and the trajectory around these two poles is chaotic in two ways: first because the precise symptomatology from one episode to another is similar yet different since no point on the trajectory is encountered twice; second: because even though the transition from one mood-state to another is predetermined by the initial conditions the prediction of when these transitions will take place cannot be made with any accuracy.

.. flux pattern .. flowing pattern ..

.. attractor foci .. trajectory around these two poles is chaotic .. no point on the trajectory is encountered twice .. and .. mood-state .. predetermined by initial conditions ... prediction of when these transitions will take place cannot be made with any accuracy

..and in this sense human nature is chaotic ..

chaotic .. outwards .. but .. equivalently .. chaotic .. inwards .. flux pattern .. becomes ..rigid .. as the ..architecture lattice ..

architecture lattice ..pre-existing nodes .. lasts longer .. than .. flux pattern ..

The second kind of pattern which can be studied is defined by the architecture of the lattice itself: the pattern of connections among the various elements of the lattice and through which the signals propagate. This is known as the architecture, the matrix, or the lattice. The lattice places, for practical purposes, limits on what flux patterns are possible. The architecture allows us to differentiate plausible futures from implausible futures and, perhaps, from impossible futures.[13]

..limits on what flux patterns are possible .. limits .. constraints .. which they may not be infinite .. in expanding ..outwards .. in its outward expansion .. but there is infinity ..inwards .. fractality's essence ..

Archimedes .. infinities in-between real numbers.. irrational numbers ..

more discreet .. discreet-isation .. discreet ..concepts .. to its ..lower limit .. to quantum ..elements .. realm ..

Using a connectionist model of a process (eg. Eiser, 1993) requires that we treat the phase-state as the current network location of the influence under study. The propagation pathway is not infinite but confined to orbits which follow the pre-existing pathways between various elements.[14]

..propagation pathway .. not infinite .. orbits follow ..pre-existing pathways ..

The simplest kind of model allows only one kind of influence with one direction of flow. Each neuron in the human brain is susceptible to between 100 and 200 neurotransmitters, has multiple outputs and inputs, can create new connections, lose old ones, change their resistance to certain pathways, and die. The complexity of the human brain is significant (Harth, 1991) and one should at least be prepared to believe that human society is at least of equal complexity.

It is therefore the flux pattern chaos theorists explicitly study and it is in these patterns chaos theorists will ultimately be compelled to define their own notions of structures.

In other words they do not study structures qua structures themselves but their study of structures is geared to understanding the implications of the 'structures' which in the connectionist paradigm be understood as the flux patterns called social interactions.

Initially it is useful to draw a distinction between the connectivity pattern of the lattice (the architecture) and the communications which may or may not flow through this lattice. The lattice constrains what flow patterns might exist but does not require that they do. This constraining influences not only what channels and nodes but also what dimensions may be followed.

Using a more sociological description of these terms: the lattice may be likened to the actors, actresses, props and stage where a play is to be given. The flux or flow pattern is to be compared to the actual performance itself. Traditional uses of the term 'social structure' have - by paying insufficient attention to the time dimensions - made it rather more difficult than necessary to tell the difference between props and people.

The criticism Homans made can be seen not just as the requirement that sociological laws be rooted in physiological laws but that our conceptual paradigms should allow us to understand or express one set of abstractions in terms of another.[15]

Connectionism however allows a different approach to theorising. Because connected networks can exhibit chaos the roles of individual elements cannot be discounted in advance. Because some networks can, under other conditions, exhibit highly predictable patterns, macro level analysis can be carried out and meaningful macro level generalities sought. Connectionist models lead us to consider the 'structure' of the architecture, the 'structure' of the flux, the temporal permanence of both. At this point we can join the debate over reductionism.