Friday, 15 August 2008

Metaphor, innovation, creation a direct derivation from chaotic systems self-similarity attribute?

John H. Holland in his book 'Emergence' in chapter 11, page 202-218, points out the significance of metaphor in the advancement of human thought by innovation and creation.

In his elaborate development of the subject the availed transfer of attributes from a source to a target object or system and the ensuing associations brought forth, augments perception and enriches experience, in the individual and collective levels.

Metaphor, an implement used by the mind. Directly derived by the intrinsic property of self-similarity in chaotic systems? Nature all-embracing chaotic systems in either objects or systems, established or developing attractors exhibiting self-similarity, which the human mind attuned by it, itself the product of chaos, another attractor, recognises and makes use of its insipid action and by it innovates, creates and advances knowledge?

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