Sunday, 24 August 2008

Thoughts about thoughts?

Thoughts about thoughts ...

The initial fervour subsided. I got distracted. The thought which was unraveling in my mind got lost. Lost touch. I have to direct my ... What? The words that come into my mind are executive, central executive, the edge of my awareness, my consciousness, my attention. As we can only direct our attention to a single thing at a time, one groove of sorts, a single pathway in the neural networks of our brains, a path that traverses many other thoughts laying lingering, juicy tags along the path pulling you away from your main task, the unraveling of the initial thought. Distracting you, leading you astray.

Thinking and thoughts is more than a furtive agitation of neural cells in the brain. They are the cornerstone of human existence and by them we make sense, and not only, of the world we live in. By them we solve problems we encounter in life, lay out strategies that govern our behaviour, constantly adjusting our ways of life, if we let them, in any scale imaginable no matter how small or large, in tune with the constantly changing conditions in our surroundings. Make change possible within ourselves, in our communities, in the world at large.

Our thoughts and thinking processes tools are words, which altogether make up the languages we use. Languages are neither spruced up ornaments, museum exhibits or art objects the instruments of elitist individuals ever ready to correct and assert their alleged superiority, lost in detail, slave to trivial procedure empty of meaning nor the oral performance, verbal diarrhea, of cunning lawyers, advertisers, public relationists, politicians and the like, all the time busy to twist things around mollycoddling the will of people, mere instruments for deceit.

Language is made out of words forged in each individual's mind to form a rich bed of firm concepts upon which the individual develops his/her thoughts.

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