Monday, 25 August 2008


Individuals argue their cases with resolve. Being resolute in their stance, fervently defending their case; their thoughts, ideas, attitudes in life. This contains fragments of survival of their identity or integrity, in the arena where all human activities are deployed. Not quite what I had in mind. I am rushing myself. Eager to put down my thoughts, but the initial spark got lost again.

What was I thinking about when this idea of resolve came to me? It was the conclusion or assertion of imperfect minds, along with the myriad of states laid out in front of us, waiting to be chosen. For the human individual to choose.

I have to put tags in my thoughts. Tags to be used, as much like internet links, to identify as well as act as handles, to grip and drag along the thoughts connected, buried deep in my brain circuitry. Tags which do not necessarily need to be synopses, summaries of the thoughts associated with; but rather like gestalt images, only parts of the overall images, 'visible' pattern fragments steadfastly attached to the rest of the pattern that lays hidden, but can easily surface when necessity demands.

The gestalt idea being relevant to internet tags, and brain tags.

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