Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Amassing wealth. A crime against humanity.

Western societies have accumulated wealth, which could cover the needs of their citizens and not only. It could cover the needs of the citizens the world over.

But instead what do they do? Squeeze individuals in an incessant struggle to work all their lives away to sustain themselves and when they manage this they push them further to work even more, to possess things that they do not need, that they would never use. On top of this, they make everything possible, that whatever is left of their mental capacity, is drained down, in a useless endeavour for the most trivial details ever imagined.

An endeavour that suits the current established order of the few individuals that benefit heavily from such an arrangement and whereas they have everything anybody could ever imagine, they push themselves to have even more and as there are no more things to be had, they accumulate the medium for having the things they desire, in the first place.

Millionaires, billionaires and may be multimillionaires is not enough and who knows may be in their minds the idea of trillionaires or quadrillionaires is brewing up. They accumulate money, and they get more and more and since the drive never looses momentum, they try to make even more. They speculate, they perpetuate a false state of growth, in states economies. They are allowed to amass so much money that even states fall prey into their clutches. Idolized and revered incessantly by the media which they possess and control. Even by the media that are supposedly in the service of the public.

Instead of being despised for the sinister role they play, they are made role models for everyone to aspire to, a useless dream of becoming a millionaire as if the possession of things, will make anyone better than anyone else.

Amassing wealth should be taken as a crime against humanity and the biggest perps, who ever these might be, cases for the Hague tribunal to be tried and punished severely.

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