Friday, 31 October 2008

The mass media of (very soon) yesteryear fighting back tooth and nail to keep their spoils

Irritated me, offended my sensibilities, I felt anger when I read the article Thinking is so over, in Times Online, attributed to 'net entrepreneur' Andrew Keen. When I started to write a comment I came up against a barrier, a count of words, unable to fully express myself. Demeaning readers contributions from the start, indicative of how much they value their readership opinions.

Even that little space would not have been there, if it was for them, alas, now, they can not ignore it, as the norms put forth by blogs demand it. Blogs that not only invite but rely upon their readers contribution. And thanks to the blogging medium, the forums where individuals can express their views without the need to comply to worthless rules. The omniscient mass media is in peril.

The views expressed by Andrew Keen, a blatant attempt to discredit and eventually kill what threatens and undermines their position. Trying hard to nurture and spread a trend, a 'bad-hair-day' sort of fad, against blogging. They must be cornered, loosing a long established grip, in human affairs, as how can otherwise explain their vehement attack. Playing their trump cards, offending individuals. Assaulting with a two-pronged attack, first branding blogs as monkey's business and trying to sway the public away from blogs. Pour scorn and ridicule for the already established scene and hoping to discourage any one else from following that path.

Ignoring that it is the system, that breeds monkeys, as they want monkeys, since only monkeys can digest, the monkey food they serve. A system, that they themselves are a big part of. If individuals behave like monkeys, it is because they are victims of a system with a horde of socially prescribed norms, of what is trendy or not, that the mass media faithfully implement. Stuffing into the people's minds that what is the goal in the individual in life, is to be in the spotlight, to rub shoulders with or become a celebrity, to be seen on TV or news tabloids, or the 20-second fame, or make money or be recognised in the streets.

All these things, that not only, do not contribute, but rob the individual, erode its potential. Behave like monkeys if they persist working along these guidelines the system prescribes, awaiting for recognition from the likes of the author and journalist.

Instead of concentrating and develop what is meaningful for them. Individuals that have aspirations ideas, that guide them in their pursuits, provide the framework, streamline their efforts towards succeeding in their goals. Put their viewpoint as a guide, not anybody's else, no matter how expert they profess to be. It is not left to pure chance.

Your quote states

"if you provide an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters one of them will eventually come up with a masterpiece."

playing dice, bets, that everything in life is down to pure chance, ignoring the powerful influence of chaos, that everything that exists in nature, in our minds, in our societies are down to the initial conditions, and these initial conditions carefully picked and chosen, sway away chance elements, greatly diminishes pure chance. It is not just monkeys and typewriters, but meanings that develop in individuals, left free to choose for the themselves, shape their initial conditions and by the sensitive dependence upon these initial conditions, that chaos prescribes, create new meanings, make life meaningful to them.

These initial conditions, which you try so blatantly to manipulate but you will fail, if judging by the fervour in your attack you have already failed.

"net entrepreneur Andrew Keen"

One and foremost, for what your kind of experts say, are hard to swallow since always, in the back of my mind I know that whatever is said, has no value as their opinions are biased, as they are out there to make a buck, and whatever they say or do, it depends on how much monies they will make out of it, and don't give a dime for the individual. Out there protecting the spoils of their employers.

I want you the journalist and the fellow that expressed these views, to be ashamed, to have second thoughts ever use and revere in the sound of these words.

I had enough of best minds. Why should you think of a dictatorship at all, be that fools or yours. And all you woes about

"killing our culture, assaulting our economy and destroying time-honoured codes of conduct."

Individuals do not need that kind of culture, there is nothing there worth preserving, and don't get me going on the time-honoured codes of conduct. Codes that include and guided your current outburst, codes that make you feel it is right to offend, mine and others, sensibilities. Do you think it is appropriate to honour your codes of conduct? I think not.

We had enough of entrepreneurs.

I will be damned, if I swallow the meaning of any expert without first crunch it through my brain, scrutinize it to the hilt, before I bring it forth and use it. Making it mine, my meaning, not anybody else, not even the expert as such.

Thinking is over? You are so right, since certainly your way of thinking is over, whereas the thinking that serves the individual, by the individual and for the individual is strong and it will continue unabated.

And as for the mass media accept the rules the blogs have brought forth and comply with them, instead of being a reactionary force be a contributory power, in the thinking rush that has overtaken our societies.

There is more in life than making money.

The mass media of (very soon) yesteryear fighting back tooth and nail to keep their spoils.

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