Monday, 20 October 2008

Quantum tunneling? Access is denied.

The link I followed, brought me into the article 'Chaos-assisted tunneling in microlasers with partially chaotic resonators', by Podolskiy, V.A. and Narimanov, E.E.. Chaos involvement implied?

"Summary: We demonstrate that in lasers with non-integrable resonators, chaos-assisted tunneling leads to dramatic changes in the emission spectrum, removing the near-degeneracy of symmetry-related doublets and changing the lifetimes of high-Q modes by several orders of magnitude. Our theory is in quantitative agreement with numerical simulations."

Chaos-assisted tunneling? Quantum tunneling? Quantum events? In the quantum realm, a process which implicates chaos? It would be interesting to know the viewpoints of the authors, but unfortunately access is denied. A monetary induced prohibition. Payment is required.

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